Estate Planning

We also assist with estate planning as well.  You have the option of preparing your will only, or to have our full package which also includes the Power of Attorney and the Personal Directive.  Our fees for this are as follows:
– Single Will: $150 + printing costs + GST
– Single Package (Will, Personal Directive, Power of Attorney): $275 + printing costs + GST
– Couples Will: $250 + printing costs + GST
– Couples Package: $375 + printing costs + GST

For estate documents, we require your instructions prior to setting up a meeting, as we must ensure that the documents are prepared properly; in other words, we cannot create such documents on the spot.  Should there be an urgent need for a document (for example, if you are leaving on vacation, or if there’s an unexpected family emergency), please contact our office so that we may assist you further.

Areas of Specialty

 Will      Power of Attorney

Personal Directive

Form for Instructions

HFL Estate Form (for typing in)

PDF version (for printing and writing in)


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